About your Session


Where will we shoot? The session takes place in the client's home, usually in the nursery, master bedroom, and living room. We can also take some photos outdoors if the weather permits (ideal for spring and summer due dates!). Do not worry about your house being a mess—you just had a baby! I will be happy to move things out of the way so they don't end up in the photos. All you need to do to prepare is open the blinds/curtains to let in as much light as possible and have your bed made with neutral bedding. Your bed makes for a great place for cuddly family photos!

How can I make sure my baby is comfortable and cooperative during the shoot? Newborns are unpredictable and this shoot is all about them. Please do not worry about your baby crying or needing to eat during the shoot—newborn sessions are purposely longer to allow for plenty of breaks, feedings and even diaper/outfit changes. It’s usually a good idea to try and feed your baby right before the session so they’re sleepy and content.

What should my husband and I wear? Lifestyle newborn sessions are photographed in the comfort of your home. The clothing should compliment the surroundings. I recommend keeping it simple and comfortable. Neutral, light (creams, whites, grays or pastel tones) work best as they don't take away from the natural beauty of your baby. Solid or floral tops (and textures like big knits and lace) work best. Texture and layers can add dimension and softness to the images (and are also very flattering). 

What should the baby wear? I prefer babies to be dressed very simply in plain onesies, muslin swaddles, or just diaper - whatever they are most comfortable in. 

How long are these sessions? A typical lifestyle newborn session takes 2-2.5 hours. When it comes to a newborn session, the baby is in charge, so we allow time to enough feeding and diaper changing breaks :)

What can I do to prepare for the session? Preparing for a photo session can be quite stressful for new parents. Please don't worry! Just focus on relaxing and cuddling with your sweet new addition and I will create images that you will cherish forever!


Where will my session take place? There are many beautiful locations all around town and I would be happy to offer recommendations based on the look and feel you are hoping to achieve for your session. I am happy to share my location guide with you, so you may get a feel of what different spots have to offer. Please feel free to let me know if you have a specific request, as I am always up for exploring new places! From city streets, to flowery fields, I am happy to schedule your session wherever you feel your style is reflected.  (Please note that some locations require a permit for professional photography).

How long will the session last? Typically, sessions last between one and two hours.

What should we wear? Coordinate, rather than match. I recommend picking a color scheme, or one outfit you love and building the rest of your look around it. Natural and earthy colors photograph beautifully, as well as pastels and navy. I would recommend staying away from bold prints and neons, as they do not photograph well. It is also important to dress for the setting. A natural setting is a perfect background for comfortable, textured outfits in various shades of natural colors. Pastels work well too! Urban sessions are wonderfully complemented by rich tones and bold fashion statements. It is also important to consider the colors of your home, as that is most likely where you will be displaying your photos.

When do you schedule your portrait sessions? If we will be shooting outdoor, the last few hours before sunset offer the most beautiful, flattering light. If shooting in your home, I recommend aiming for the time your home gets the most natural light.  

What happens if it rains on the day of our outdoor session? No need to worry. In the event of rain during a scheduled outdoor session we will reschedule for a different date. 

What if I need to reschedule? Not a problem. In the event you need to reschedule your session, please let me know as soon as possible, and I will find another time for you.

How many photos will you take? Do we get to see all of them? I take many pictures during each session, and I always make sure I have enough to work with, even when the weather is working against us, or your little one has other plans for his day :) When I prepare your proof gallery, I narrow your images down to a selection of my favorites, which you will be able to choose from when ordering your digitals and prints.

Do you retouch the photos? I hand edit every image that is delivered to you. This includes color correction, subtle skin retouching, and I remove anything that may be a distraction. More involved edits will incur an extra charge.

​Last but not least...HAVE FUN!!!